Loved the story about “Irrational Geographic,” a project by a group in New Orleans documenting Mardi Gras. Portraiture + a riff on one of publishing’s most recognizable cover designs? Wonderful. National Geographic’s blog parses the images, but I say it’s best to just enjoy the set unmediated at Flickr.

I will go see Pieter Hugo’s exhibition, “The Hyena and Other Men,”¬†at the Yossi Milo Gallery (525 W. 25th St.) before its run ends on Jan. 12. Hugo followed a troupe of what are sometimes described as wandering minstrels and¬†sometimes described as animal charmers, men in Nigeria who travel with chained hyenas, babboons, and snakes. He won the first prize for portraiture in the 2006 World Press Photo awards and is genuinely interesting, in that rather than exploiting this already-charged topic, he takes quiet, sparse photographs contrasting man and beast, wildness and domestication. Top notch.