Don’t update this much anymore; maybe one day I’ll delete. But I do like that banner.


medailles-5-031I’m dying to find a Photochaining memory card:

“The Photochaining blog is a continuous project where people practice the art of leaving memory cards in public places to be picked up and used by others, who then do likewise.”

To participate:

1. Take funny/original/humoristic/creative photos with your own camera (use a cheap memory card) .

2. Write a note in which:

– you explain in few words the PhotoChaining concept to the “finder”.

– you provide a name* to the memory card (research on PhotoChaining to ensure that the designated memory card name has not already been allocated. If so, choose an other name).

3. Put the memory card and the note in a transparent plastic bag.

4. Leave the plastic bag in a public place.

*Only one word.

Have you found one? If I start a chain, what kind of pictures should I leave behind for the next person to take in? And God, isn’t it cool, these kinds of massive, distributed public art projects nurtured so well by the Internet?

06ramhanusitarainreflect1One of the best movies I’ve seen so far this year is “Sita Sings the Blues,” a retelling of the Ramayana set to the Jazz Age stylings of Annette Hanshaw. The animation is delightful — highly recommended. You can watch it free and in full online at Reel 13.

… to my conversations tonight:

Anonymous donors

Climate change

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Dorothy Michaels

Fair use



Pneumatic tubes

Red zones

Rooftop bars

Spicy crab rolls

Winnie the Pooh

Insanity at work + general malaise + the novelty of posting on Twitter + 95 degrees outside = dead blog. Crickets. Ayiieeee! (Also, my social life has been incredibly active these days: Rilo Kiley! Russian Vodka Room! Professional geekery! Caipiroskas and the book club! NYPL tour and cocktails at Library Bar! Exclamations!)

Anyhow, am pledging to write more.




T does Central America: currently WiFi-ing at the Black Cat Inn, a hostel in Antigua, Guatemala. I speak un poquito Espanol and am quickly realizing that that’s probably not enough.

Anyone in town for Semana Santa? I’d love to meet up with any like minds! Photos, etc., to come.

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